Drs. Saranita and Paez of South Lake Pain Institute of Clermont and Orlando recently broke ground on a multidisciplinary out-patient surgical center in partnership with Orlando Health South Lake Hospital. The opening of this new out-patient surgical care facility will enhance surgical pain-management services provided to the Central Florida community.

The new facility is co-located at the Orlando Health South Lake Hospital Campus. “Phenomenal things are happening at South Lake Pain Institute. Continuously upgrading our facilities, providing even more advanced pain-treatment technology, investing in new treatment options and perfecting a multi-disciplinary approach to care, we are truly committed to extraordinary patient care,” said Dr. Julie Saranita, South Lake Pain Institute. Dr. Saranita is one of a few physicians in the United States who is qualified and trained to perform vertebroplasties, a nonsurgical treatment for fractured vertebrae.

Dr. Paez, South Lake Pain Institute adds, “enhancing patient care, experience and outcomes are the most meaningful part of this project. In conjunction with our clinical care and South Lake Pain Institute Research Division, this opportunity to collaborate in this state-of-the-art surgical care facility emphasizes what we have been saying for years—that the patient is truly at the center of everything we do.”

About South Lake Pain Institute

South Lake Pain Institute is a specialized practice located in Clermont and Orlando, dedicated to providing holistic care by choosing medical, complementary and regenerative therapies that best alleviate each patient’s pain. South Lake Pain Institute has treated some of the world’s most medaled Olympic athletes and treats patients from across the world.

South Lake Pain Institute offers Regenerative Treatments, which include platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, stem cell injections, and growth factor injections. These treatments are safe because they’re developed from your own body’s blood and stem cells. Whether used individually or combined, these injections reduce inflammation, alleviate pain and promote healing by triggering the growth of new cells and tissues.

In addition to daily clinical care, Dr. Paez oversees and manages the research division at South Lake Pain Institute. The South Lake Pain Institute research division allows patients to benefit from future innovations in treatment and care. Physicians in training from across the world perform research alongside Dr. Paez and the healthcare team at South Lake Pain Institute research division.