This Monday will start a new school year in south Lake County.  The transition from a summer of late nights and sleep-ins to a more structured lifestyle can be stressful and filled with anticipation and nervousness, and add the threat of a COVID outbreak, it’s no wonder parents, teachers and students are feeling high anxiety.

Here are a few tips which may help you and your children get through the first weeks of the school year.

– Meet the new teacher. Find out his/her expectations.

– Tour the school if possible or help set up your student’s work station

– Have your child connect with school friends before the first day of school

– Get the kids back into a regular bedtime routine

– Pack the backpacks with the needed school supplies, snack, facemasks.

– Give the kids plenty of time to get ready for school in the morning. On the first day, take lots of pictures. 

– Understand that the days ahead will be draining on you and your children. Give them time to chill.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Hug Your Children, Wish Them A Fantastic Day And Be Ready To Listen. After All, Aren’t Hugs, Unconditional Love, And A Few Minutes Of Uninterrupted Time Important to Everyone?

Drivers:  Leave home a few minutes earlier next week. Be aware of the increase in traffic and delays due to school buses, anxious parents, and preoccupied students.



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