The Brauman Family

By Kendyl Cardwell

The city of Clermont has taken up the slogan “choice of champions” to embody the “champions” who live and train here, from athletes to everyday residents. The name has certainly held true, as athletes across the sports of triathlon, watersports, and track and field have made Clermont their home. Just look down to the track at the national training center, and you can see some of the world’s best sprinters.  Located there is the Adidas USA National Sprint Coach, Lance Brauman.  He has put together a training group of elite track athletes, called PURE athletics, right here in Clermont.

Noah Lyles and Nethaneel Mitchell Blake with medals at world championships

Brauman was a former collegiate track athlete himself at Auburn University.  Lance coached at Arkansas before moving on to the pros and coming to Florida.  Members of his training team include Noah Lyles, world champion in the 200 and multiple time US champ, and Shaunaue Miller-Uibo, Olympic gold medalist. His group has accumulated over 50 medals at Olympic and world championships since 2004, making Brauman and his athletes some of the most recognizable names in the track and field world.  Never forgetting the local community, Lance has also established the Pure Athletics youth track club where local kids can register and run on the same track the elite athletes train.  When he is not traveling around the world for the sport, he lives here with his wife Kim, a local school administrator, and his two daughters.

Questions for Lance Brauman:

Coach with his dad

TABLET: Your father, Ken Brauman, has coached high school track for over 40 years and has been manager of multiple US men’s Olympic teams. How has he had an influence on your participation and success in the sport of track and field?

Brauman: My Dad has obviously made a huge impact on my life in general. As I was growing up we spent a lot of time going to track meets and watching his teams compete.

TABLET: What brought you to Clermont, and why have you chosen to stay here?

Brauman: The NTC was the main reason for us to live and train in Clermont. The facilities there have had a major impact on the success of my training group throughout the years  

TABLET: You’ve been coaching for 25 years now what have been your proudest moments?

Athletes at Doho World Championships

Brauman: “My proudest moment” is a hard question, but the individual Olympic and World championship winners obviously stand out. The team championships as a college coach rank really high as well.

TABLET: Coming off of the successes of recent seasons, what was your goal heading into this year? In what ways has the pandemic changed the expected situation? 

Brauman: This past season being a scheduled Olympic year started off the exact way it needed to. However, once the COVID pandemic set hold, the focus was just shifted to a build-up year. One that was focused on becoming better overall athletes, with hopes that will lead into next year and hopefully a return to a normal schedule.

TABLET: How have you adjusted your training in response to most of the races being canceled or postponed?

Brauman working with one of his athletes at the NTC

Brauman: As far as adjustments, we have had a few smaller local meets as well as a few more time trials than we normally would (Most recently, Brauman’s group competed in the Back to the Track meet at the NTC. They also competed at the Showdown in OTown at Montverde Academy). Also, the weight room has lasted longer with an emphasis on strength gains.

TABLET: Running can be a very mental sport. What have been the mental impacts of the pandemic on the athletes?

Brauman: The approach from the mental side has been challenging, but has also been handled very well. The athletes have understood the situation and understand that they have a job to do and need to go to work every day.

TABLET: What are the biggest takeaways from this unusual situation that you can apply to next season, or to your coaching in general?

Brauman: Every year is a learning experience in sport. This has however been a little bit more intense. The take away for me has been that there are things in life bigger then your sport as well as your self. I would say that I truly have a better understanding of only trying to control the things you have control over.

TABLET: What’s your biggest piece of advice to young athletes?

PURE Athletics Team Photo

Brauman: Number 1 piece of advice for the younger athlete is to always have fun and enjoy the sports you pick. In a day when everyone tries to specialize, I also feel it’s important for young kids to experience a lot of choices before narrowing in on one. Just makes them a better overall athlete.

TABLET: Clermont is lucky to have such a world-class team and coach training here. Watch out for his athletes in the upcoming world championship and Olympic events, where some are favored to be in the running for a medal.

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