City of Mascotte Officer & Royal Attraction Nutrition Team

Feature Story & Photos by Larry H. Oskin

Mascotte Police Officer Kenia Abreu holds Community Service Brochures

The Mascotte Police Department successfully provides community outreach with extra community service programs. Organized by Officer Kenia Abreu, the Mascotte Police held an Ice Tea and Conversation with The Chief.

The Outreach event was hosted by Coach and Gabby Shaftney, owners of  Royal Attraction Nutrition, located at 376 East Meyers Boulevard Suite D, in Mascotte. Complimentary iced tea was offered to all guests.  Coffees, donuts, waffles, healthy shakes, energy nutrition, fitness and weight-loss selections were also available.

Mascotte Police Chief Eric Pedersen noted, “These special events are a wonderful opportunity for our police department to personally interact with the community while building positive relationships and strong partnerships!”

Mascotte Police Community Outreach: The City of Mascotte and its Police Department work very hard to support and serve this small, yet growing community. Chief Pedersen shares, “We continue to hold a series of community outreach events to exchange information about our services as well as to personally learn about any concerns from our citizens. We openly discuss crime prevention, safety, traffic, domestic and sexual violence as well as many other important current topics.”

The Mascotte Police Department also holds Coffees With The Cops events, which they will start again in October. They will have a Cruiser for The Cure Program slated for October to help support breast cancer awareness and fundraising, where they will sell T-Shirts and one of their police cruisers will be wrapped in pink. They occasionally hold Heroes Delivery events to deliver surprise-free pizzas to the needy and low-income families. Their annual Holiday Toy Drive brings in gifts to help the neediest children and families in Mascotte. Donations, sponsors and support for their community outreach programs are always welcome.

Police Chief Eric Pedersen was appointed as Mascotte Police Chief in 2016. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Columbia College and an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the County College of Morris. He is responsible for providing law enforcement services to a diverse growing community of almost 7,000 residents.

Chief Pedersen proudly has over 38 years of law enforcement experience. He began his career in 1979 with the Randolph Township Police Department in New Jersey. In 1985, he joined the Orlando Police Department, where he retired in 2014 after 28 years of service. Pedersen has extensive experience with patrol assignments, criminal investigations, drug enforcement, traffic enforcement, advanced training programs, crime prevention, community relations, public information and much more. The Chief is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Florida Police Chiefs Association and the West Central Florida Police Chief’s Association. He leads a team of fifteen full-time staff and four part-time employees while also managing their annual operating budget.

Chief Pedersen noted they have added a fleet of reliable new vehicles, state-of-the-art equipment and implemented advanced training procedures. They have replaced all of their handguns and added long guns to better help protect this community. The Mascotte Police Department is working towards Florida State Accreditation with new training policies and development programs in consideration of all the police reform needs for the many challenges here as well as across the United States. They have advanced their active shooter training with defensive tactics, de-escalation strategies and more firearms training. They are now working on a potential grant for a new Mascotte Police Department building.

The Mascotte Police Department is committed to making the City of Mascotte a safe community for everyone who works, lives and visits. They are always seeking the newest and most innovative ways to provide these services as we adapt to a growing city and ever-changing law enforcement environment. Pedersen adds, “As the City of Mascotte grows, we must also grow, modernize and train our Police Department team to best serve our community!” Their core values remain, Integrity, Honor and Service.

For more information on the Mascotte Police Department visit 529 East Meyers Boulevard in Mascotte, FL 34753. or website

For more information on Mascotte visit City Hall located at 100 East Myers Boulevard, Mascotte or call 352-429-3341.

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