Pictured Left to Right Assistant Chief Kathy Johnston, Assistant Chief Kevin Hoey, Fire Chief David Ezell, Post Surgeon Officer Reiner Schwarz, Sr. Vice Commander Stanley Lay, Quartermaster Robert Farrell, Captain Rick Casler, Fire and Life Safety Educator Hayley Wheeler and Assistant Chief Bill Harrison.

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with a United States flag that has become faded, worn or torn, the Clermont Fire Department has your answer. 

Thanks to the partnering of the fire department with the Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFW) of the United States Post 5277, a safe and dry drop box has been built and installed at Fire Station No.1 located at 439 W. Highway 50. 

The box was built and beautifully decorated by skilled woodworker and retired U.S. Navy Post Surgeon Officer Reiner Schwarz. It was donated to the fire station and installed so it can easily be accessed by driving through the parking lot on the station’s east side. 

In 1943, the United States Congress passed the U.S. Flag Code that provides many protocols for America’s most iconic symbol of freedom, including how to properly retire a flag when it becomes worn, torn or faded. According to this code, once a flag has become unsightly and is no longer a “fitting emblem”, it should be retired from service and destroyed. 

The box will be regularly checked and collected flags will be destroyed by fire in a dignified ceremony conducted by members of the VFW Post 5277. 

“We are truly honored to receive and install this beautiful box to allow for the proper collection of retired flags, Fire Chief David Ezell said. “It certainly adds a new level of patriotism to our firehouse.” 

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