Hope Preparatory Christian Academy (HPA) is a private school serving academic professionals grades Kindergarten through 12th, located in Groveland.
Established in 2016 by Dr. Tony and Jodie McCoy, HPA’s mission is to Educate, Elevate and Empower all students in mind, body, and spirit, with a focus on career and college readiness, while becoming dynamic leaders for Christ. “It is our desire to meet the needs of our community by igniting growth and change in the minds of our next generation,” said Dr. Tony McCoy. “We have been blessed to experience growth by expanding our Academy this summer from grades 4th-12th, to now welcoming grades Kindergarten – 12th”.
With growth comes transition, and on Tuesday, July 24, 2023, HPA celebrated one of its own family member’s transition, Randolph Waite, HPA’s former Head of School, and welcomed an internal promotion of HPA’s Assistant Principal, Tawanda Odom. Randolph Waite joined the HPA Family in 2018 and has played an instrumental role in the foundation and continued development of the HPA campus.  With administrative experience on every level, Randolph brought his skill and knowledge to the team. In June 2023, Randolph and his family made the decision to continue building his resume in education administration, by accepting another leadership role in Lake County Schools. Randolph remarked, “To say I’ve enjoyed my time here at HPA would be an understatement. I will never forget all the students and families I’ve had the privilege of serving during my tenure. I will always root for the mighty TROJAN TIGERS!”
Passing the Baton
In a small celebratory gathering, HPA’s team honored and presented Randolph Waite with mementos and a ceremonial “passing of the baton” promotion acknowledgement, for HPA’s new Principal, Tawanda Odom. Tawanda, who holds a master’s degree in Educational Leadership, has been with the HPA family since its inception, working side-by-side with Waite as his understudy. She is a highly decorated teacher, and scholastic administrative professional with over a decade of experience in grades Pre-K through 12th.  Tawanda specializes in teaching English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), adult and child, and in educating students with dyslexia. She is well versed in students with educational accommodations such as Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s), and 504’s – a plan geared toward ensuring students have equitable access to a learning environment that best fits their academic accommodation needs.
Tawanda’s educational career comes highly decorated with awards as she was voted multiple times as Teacher of the Year in Orange and Lake County and was recognized by the state of Florida for her students scoring high on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). Odom is a former Dean of Students, former Lead Teacher, a certified Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Coach – a program used to prepare students for college eligibility, success, and placement, and amongst many other things, an avid community volunteer. She enjoys giving back to the community and is a member of the Kiwanis Club of Clermont, South Lake Black Achievers, Delta Sigma Theta Inc., Chairwoman of Delta GEMS (Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully), an organization created to help young African American Women develop their dreams, and a Science Olympiad Coach, whose mission is to help students achieve high levels of technology skills and achievements.
Tawanda Odom looks forward to operating in her new role as Principal by supporting her team of teachers, students, faculty, and staff in HPA’s continued campus success. “What I’m most excited about with the promotion of Tawanda, is her heart and desire to see and gear our students towards success in their post-education careers, vocational trade career opportunities or military service,” said Dr. McCoy.
Prayer Circle
Hope Preparatory Christian Academy is now enrolling! If you’re looking for a school that will challenge your child(ren) to be the best versions of themselves academically, spiritually, and physically, apply today by visiting www.gohopeacademy.org.
Activities, clubs, and athletic programming are available. Hope Preparatory Christian Academy looks forward to welcoming new families for the 2023-2024 school year. There is Hope!
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