The current Elese Tomlin Community Center

The Elese Tomlin Community Center is transforming into a place providing a wider range of amenities and resources. The Center’s new name “The Elese Tomlin Empowerment Center” reflects its extended goals to create a peaceful and safe environment for community members to relax and access valuable resources. Its aim is to empower individuals and help them make positive strides in their lives.

With a budget of 2 million dollars and a 3,800 square feet building, the new center will have a mini library and various facilities specifically tailored for children, including a large game room, a computer room, and more.
Rendering of the Elese Tomlin Empowerment Center

The design team at Scorpio Architect Firm in Gainesville, has planned an exciting layout for the center. It will feature a training room, conference room, and two business incubators, supporting the growth of small businesses in the area.

The community city center was named after the late Elese Tomlin, Groveland’s long-time resident and role model for the youth of Groveland.

Elese, the oldest of 12 children, moved to Groveland nearly 100 years ago, met her late husband, Eddie Tomlin, and had two children. She did her daily housekeeping chores until she was 102 years old. Mary Harris, the granddaughter of Elese Tomlin said her grandmother would say, “There isn’t a lazy bone in my body”.  When she died at 107 years old, she left behind daughter Bernice Louise Harris of Groveland, sister Julia Dorsey and brother James Harris; six grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren; 43 great-great-grandchildren; 13 and counting great-great-great-grandchildren.

The Elese Tomlin Community Center, located at 204 Gadson Street, Groveland, is owned by the City of Groveland and works in partnership with Linda Cowles of Anointed Community Services (ACSI)  a non-profit community-based organization.

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