For the Middle School Leadership and Service project this quarter, Meera Patel and Sanvhi Gandhi held a fundraiser, Penny Wars, from October 23–27, and raised $797 for the local nonprofit Give Kids the World.

In the Penny Wars fundraiser, each Middle School grade level competed against each other to score the highest number of points. Each coin held a different value in the game. Pennies added points to the total, but dimes, nickels, and quarters deducted points. Therefore, students were encouraged to put dimes, nickels, and quarters into the jugs of the competing grade levels.

The sixth-grade class scored the highest number of points overall. Mrs. Griffth’s advisory was the highest-scoring advisory, and Ms. Benner’s advisory raised the most money, $143.65. The sixth-grade class and Mrs. Griffith’s and Ms. Benner’s advisories will all receive a tasty popsicle treat for their efforts!

“This game was an amazing idea to raise money for Give Kids the World, and I don’t regret any of it!” said Sanvhi Gandhi, Leadership and Service Elective Member. “We raised about six times our original goal of $150, and I am so happy that each advisory got involved. With this money, I hope that Give Kids the World will be able to thrive and buy new and improved items for the kids!”

“Penny Wars has been an amazing fundraiser!” said Meera Patel, another Leadership and Service Elective Member. “At first, Sanvhi and I expected only a few people to donate, but by the end of the week, the wars became a daily thing. Students would walk into Lindor Hall with shoeboxes full of coins, eager to donate, and would tell their friends to target a specific grade level. Even teachers were pitching in, giving out extra credit to students who targeted another teacher. Overall, the outcome was amazing, and we are so glad that Give Kids the World will have more money to support their work.”

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