Beginner / Intermediate Genealogy Classes in person at Cooper Memorial Library. Please remember to show up early to get a seat in room 221 located behind the elevator on the second floor. All sessions run from 1 pm to 3 pm on the following dates: Session 1 April 3rd, Session 2 April 17th, and Session 3 May 1st.  These classes are designed to help you with your family history research.  We hope you enjoy these free classes and enjoy this fantastic hobby.

Session 1

Family History Research: Reasons for immigration, Basic Ancestry Research Plan, Exploration in Usage of Research Websites, and Description of Research Software

April 3rd

Why did our ancestors venture to America? Their reasons can drive research to find more about them. Understand the research process and learn the steps! This class presents four research websites, real-time how-to usage, as well as a look into one helpful research software. Class handouts will be highlighted during the presentation and emailed after class completion. 

Session 2

Family History Research: Digging into Vital Records, Uncovering Census Basics, Avoiding Research Errors, etc.

April 17th

In this family history research class, become acquainted with types of vital records, learn how to recognize first and second sources, interpret census, naturalization and military draft registration data.  You will see how to avoid common research mistakes and see varieties of simple family tree publications. Class handouts will be highlighted during the presentation and emailed after class completion. 

Session 3

Family History Research: Obituary Notes, The Naturalization Process, Government Website Sources

May 1st

This class will cover the various types of obituary notices and their genealogy value. The phases of the US Naturalization Process will be explored and their connection to the US Census. We will look at Alien Files in the National Archives Database, the history of US Visas needed/used by ancestors and understand how the US Archives Publication List can uncover sourcing for research. 

Cooper Memorial Library is located at 2525 Oakley Seaver Dr., Clermont. 

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