Alan Hays

Lake County Supervisor of Elections, Alan Hays was the keynote speaker at the SLCC Breakfast meeting which was held on Friday, April 19 at the Clermont City Center.

A veteran of the US Coast Guard, a doctor of dentistry, and a former member of the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate, Alan Hays was honored to have been elected as the Supervisor of Elections for Lake County in 2016. A host of accolades can be attributed to his leadership style, work ethic, and dedication in whatever capacity he served. Known for his outspokenness and integrity, Alan is active in multiple community and civic organizations and serves as part of a missionary team for his church. Since taking office as the Supervisor of Elections in 2016, Alan has brought the office up to exceed standards to ensure the continued administration of accurate and efficient elections in Lake County. He and his wife Jeanne are the proud parents of 3 daughters and seven grandchildren.

Hays provided some noted election facts which included:

  • Florida is the model for the nation in successful election administration.  Hays proudly explained that this status of being the nation’s model occurred only by the diligent work of many Supervisors of Elections (SOE) and their teams. 
  • The Supervisor of Elections and the team of workers are regulated very closely by Florida statutes and rules promulgated by the Division of Elections in Tallahassee.
  • All votes cast in Florida are on paper ballots. Those ballots are retained for 22 months after each election and then shredded.

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Pictured: Laura Michalski of the Foundation of South Lake

Laura Michalski of the Community Foundation of South Lake was a main- event sponsor. She announced the 2023-2024 Grant Winners


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Firebase Home Inspections: main event co-sponsor David Scruggs described all inspection services offered by his company.  Call 407-592-7169 or contact to learn more.  


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