Pictured: Terry Moherek, Beta Theta and Trish Kry, FNC

Beta Theta-ESA is a non-profit service organization supporting the community through various initiatives and contributions since it was chartered in 1979. Terry Moherek, a member of Beta Theta, recently presented a donation to The Neighborhood Center of South Lake (TNC). This donation underscores Beta Theta’s ongoing efforts to support local organizations that work tirelessly to address community needs.

Trish Kry, Executive Director of FNC, proudly shows plans for its new facility.

The Neighborhood Center of South Lake (TNC), established as a nonprofit entity in 1972, has been instrumental in combating hunger and providing essential services to residents in the South Lake County area. Over the years, TNC has evolved into a vital resource hub, serving as a lifeline for hundreds of families each week. Through its dedicated staff and volunteers, TNC offers a range of services, including nutritional support, financial management classes, and educational resources aimed at empowering individuals and families to build better futures.

With an unwavering commitment to community development, TNC has announced plans to relocate to a new, larger facility. This expansion reflects the growing needs of the community and TNC’s dedication to enhancing its capacity to serve more individuals and families effectively.

The Neighborhood Center of South Lake is located at 14727 Timber Village Road, Groveland. To learn by visiting the website TNC, or Phone: 352-429-1200

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