Since the late 1980s, the Kiwanis Club of Clermont has honored those laid to rest at Oak Hill Cemetery by placing a USA flag on each site. This heartfelt tradition expanded in 2018 to include first responders. Today, over 500 known sites are recognized each Memorial Day and Veterans Day, ensuring that the legacy of our heroes is never forgotten.

On the morning of Saturday, May 25, Chuck Seaver, along with members of the Kiwanis Club of Clermont and volunteers gathered at Oak Hill Cemetery to place flags on the graves of those who served their country and community.

Seaver, a life-long resident of Clermont and president of the Kiwanis Club, took over the responsibilities of decorating the graves years ago. He calls it his labor of love. He notes, “More than 40 years ago, my grandfather Oakley Seaver and his sister Nelle Seaver began walking the cemetery and placing flags on the resting places of veterans. Alone, they created the original map used for locating veterans for the flag placements.” As the program grew, Oakley, a Clermont Kiwanian, asked the club to take over the program.

In 2018, Seaver began continuously updating the database, adding additional flags to the inventory, and including first responders to the list, recognizing their crucial role in keeping communities safe.

Placing over 500 flags on the gravesites of heroes at Oak Hill Cemetery isn’t an easy task, but Seaver takes his responsibilities very seriously. Throughout the year, he organizes every detail to ensure all the South Lake heroes are recognized. On Memorial Day and Veterans Day, he and Kiwanian volunteers place the flags at Oak Hill Cemetery. Seaver is often seen walking the cemetery throughout the week where the flags are displayed, remaining vigilant that the flags remain upright.

Memorial Day, originally known as Decoration Day, originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Below is the list of brave men and women who have served our country and community. The list was compiled, preserved, and updated by Chuck Seaver.

This week, while a flag is displayed on each veteran’s gravesite, visit Oak Hill Cemetery, located at East Avenue directly off Hwy 50 in Clermont, to pay homage to those who gave their lives for their country.

Below are the names of dearly departed soldiers buried in Oak Hill Cemetery

Name Section Remarks
Abate, Carmen Samuel 13-B  
Abel, Karl Leonard 6.2-C  
Adams, Carl Edward 9-B  
Adams, Charley 7-A  
Addison, Harry L 5.2-C  
Ahern, Joseph M 5.2-A  
Alban, Dan J 5.1-C  
Albritton, Leon T 5.2-A  
Allen, Edmond John 6-A  
Amann, Emil Jule 5.1-C  
Anderson, Paul B 5.1-A  
Andrews, Charles 7-B  
Andrews, Ray Daniel 3.1-A  
Antonucci, Anthony 6.1-C  
Archer, Randy Jr 13.1-A  
Ard, Bill 4-B  
Ard, Susan 4-B  
Arnett, William T 1-A  
Attkisson, Robery Leroy 5.1-A  
Baird, Leonard H Sr. 6-B  
Bakeman, Frank V 4.1-C  
Balsley, Raymond G 3.1-C  
Barnes, George 5-B  
Baron, Leslie 5-B  
Battersby, Robert H 5.2-B  
Batts, Albert 6-D  
Batts, Robert 5.2-C  
Becker, Henry W 4.1-C  
Becker, Rolland E “Ron” 5.2-A  Veteran and 20+ yearmember Kiwanis of Clermont member
Beckius, Thomas 6.1-D  
Benton, Cornelius 4.1-C  
Bernoir, Keith A 10-B  
Bess, Herman 8-B  
Beverly, Buddy W 6-B  
Bieltz, Laurence 13-A  
Bishop, Clarence 3-A Clermont Fire Chief
Bishop, Doris 3-A Clermont PoliceDepartment Communications
Bishop, Wallace T 6.1-D  
Bisnette, Kenneth Sr 6.1-A  
Black, E. Lamar 5.1-C  
Blankinship, Joseph E. Sr 3.1-C  
Blanks, David 8-B  
Blanton, Gilbert M 6-C  
Bobe, Vincent J 6.1-D  
Bourquin, Donald F 5-C  
Bon Jorn, Joseph R 2-B Wall Mausoleum
Bowen, Paul Edward Sr 6.2-D  
Bowen, Razz 5.1-C  
Boyne, Allan 13.1-A Metal Temporaryname plate
Brick, Isaac 6.2-C Metal TemporaryName plate
Brinson, Louis T Jr. 5-A  
Brooks, Callis William “Bill” 5.2-A Lake County Deputy
Brown, Chester G 6.1-A  
Brown, Clarence L 6.1-A  
Brown, Paul Hart 5.2-A  
Brown, Varnam 1-A  
Brouillette, Georges 5-D  
Bukoutz, Charles 5.1-B  
Burout, Charles J. Sr 4.1-A  
Burns, James W 10-D  
Butkus, Zigmond Thomas 6-B  
Butt, Clyde P 3.1-B  
Butts, Robert W 2-D  
Buyse, Leonard Jan 3.1-B  
Cadaret, Paul L 4.1-C  
Camp, Harry C 6.2-C  
Campbell, Franklin


Cantwell, Eugene 4.1-A Veteran and 60+ year member ofKiwanis of Clermont
Canty, James 7-A  
Cape, Shamika Shunta 9.1-A  
Cardona, Ulises 13.1-C  
Case, Howard 4.1-A  
Chamberlain, Edward F 9-B  
Champoux, Sophie 10-A  
Chase, Fred L 1-B  
Christy, William J 5.1-C  
Claggett, Albert 6.1-B Veteran and Prince George MDPolice Officer
Clark, Alban L 13-B  
Clark, Charles P 3.1-B  
Cole, Lester 8-A Clermont Reserve PoliceOfficer
Coleman, Percy 8-B  
Conforti, Frank 4.1-B  
Conn, Gilbert John 5.2-C  
Coocen, Albert JosephJr. 6.2-A  
Cook, Charles 4-B  
Cook, David Ross Jr. 5-C  
Cook, Herbert 3.1-C (Old Stone located East of this  section)
Cook, Willie C 7-C  
Cook, Willie T 7-C  
Cooley, E.G. 1-C  
Cooper, Florence Elliott 3-A Clermont Police Department


Cooper, Herman 7-B  
Cooper, Israel 7-B  
Cooper, Montgomery G 3-B  
Cooper, Samuel W 7-B  
Cooper, William 7-B  
Corbett, Arthur J. Jr 2-D  
Costello, James Joseph 9-A  
Coutu, Dennis 13-A  
Craven, Richard 5.2-D  
Creech, Willie E. 6-A  
Crews, Albert 7-A  
Crews, John E 5.1-B  
Croncich, Harold E 5.1-A  
Crosby, Forrest J 6-C  
Crozier, Charles E Sr. 5.1-D  
Crozier, W.H. 1-B  
Crumley, W.H. 3-B  
Cruz, Valentino Osana Jr 5-D  
Cummings, Harold 6-D  Veteran and 25 Year Kiwanis Club of Clermont Member
Daffron, James T 6-B  
Daffron, Warren 6-A  
Dantley, Larrow P 7-B  
Davenport, Urban S 10-D  
Davis. Charles 9-B  
Davis, Elwood 4-C  
Davis, James R 6-C  
Davis, Johnnie 4.1-C (Four white stone headstoneseast of this section under large pine trees. Stones face East)
Davis, Elbert Preston 6-A  
Davis, Ralph T 4-C  
Dean, Billie L 8-C  
Dean, Robert Louis 6.2-B  
DeCostello, Vincent 13.1-C  
Dempsey, Virgil Jr 6.2-D  
DiPaula, George 10-B  
Dodd, Wesley 6.1-C  
Dodds, Charles


Dormer, John C 5.1-C  
Dorsey, Joe 7-B  
Doto, Samuel Jerry 4-B  
Douglas, Raymond W 5.1-A  
Driggers, Joe Harold 3-B  
Dugan, John L 5.2-D  
Duncan, Joseph Dudley 6.1-C  
Durkee, Lawrence 6.2-D  
Durkey, Laurence 6.1-D  
Durrance, Emory B 6.1-D  
Dyer, James 13-A Metal Temporary name plate
Eaton, Cecil 6.2-C  
Eavenson, Wm 2-E  
Eckstein, Gregory 10-A  
Edwards, Charles H. 4-A (Website states Edmonds)
Egan, Gerald J 1-C  
Egan, William E 1-C  
Elliot, Robert 5.2-D  
Ernst, Walter L 6-D  
Fairbanks, Hazel Marie 6-A  
Fairbanks, RobertEuger Sr 6-A  
Faulkner, William 5.1-C  
Fenlon, John H 13-C  
Fling, Robert 6.1-C  
Floyd, Asbury Jr 9.1-B  
Flynn, Raymond 6.1-A  
Foster, Howard E. Sr 1-B  
Fraser, Leroy 6.1-C  
Freeman, James C 8-C  
Freeman, Leon Thomas 8-C  
Frisz, Charles Donald 4-A  
Frye, Readus M 4-C  
Gaddy, Oscar Houston 5-C  
Gano, Joyce H 5.1-A  
Gardiner, Robert 6.1-B  
Giachetti, Christopher 10-A  Lake County Deputy
Gifford, Harry 5.2-B  
Godwin, Joseph 7-C  
Godwin, Roscoe 8-A  
Goff, Jasper K Jr. 5.1-A  
Goodgame, Raymond Edwin“Ray” 2-A Veteran/ Kiwanis Club of ClermontMember (Columbarium)
Gormley, John 5.1-C  
Green, George 3.1-C  
Green, W.F. 2-C  
Gridley, Richard L 5-B  
Griffith, John 6-C  
Guyton, Carolee Marie Blevins 4.1-B  
Guyton, James    
Haines, Charles Jr. 4.1-A Lake County EMS/ Civil Defense / Veteran
Halbert, John 1-C  
Hammond, Cassius R 4-B  
Hanks, James Henry 5.1-C  
Harmon, W.B. 1-C  
Harper, H.M. 2-C  
Harris, Leonard 5.1-B  
Harris, Robert Preston 3.1-B  
Hart, Edward Frances 5.2-C  
Hatcher, Daniel J 2-C  
Hatton, Thomas C 1-B  
Haymes, Robert Ray 10-C  
Heard, Curtis 5.2-A Lake County ReserveDeputy
Heard, Edward D 9.1-A  
Henderson, Cernel Lee 6.2-C  
Henderson, Donald 6.2-B  
Hendrix, Charles M Jr. 6-B  
Herda, Mathias 5-B  
Herda, Robert T 5-B  
Herda, Waldemar Otto 5-B  
Herrschaft, Ralph L 5.1-C  
Hickam, Don 3.1-A  
High, Waymon Jr 8-C  
Hildreth, Clifton Donald 4.1-A Clermont PoliceOfficer and Veteran
Hill, Anthony August 9.1-A  Vietnam
Hill, Willie 9.1-A Clermont ReservePolice


Hillyer, William V 5-A  
Hilton, Carl 7-C  
Hite, Joseph 9-B  
Holmes, Joseph Wade Sr 6.2-B  
Holt, Edward 9.1-B  
Holt, George 5.2-D  
Holt, Joseph Griffin 6-C  
Hooten, Clinton 6.1-D  
Horton, Donald D 5-B  
Hoskinson, James 4-C  
Hoskinson, Jerry Emmett 4-C  
House, Russel 2-C  
Hovis, George 6.2-C  
Hubbard, Robert Louis 5.2-A  
Huertas, Ralph A 5.2-B  
Huff, Leonard 5.1-D  
Hunt, James B Sr. 6.1-A  
Hylton, Herbert Lee 10-D  
Hypes, Tommy 6.2-D  
Irvin, Eddie Frank 7-C  
Isom, Herbert Sr 9.1-B  
Isom, Sherman Jr 9.1-B  
Jackson, Jimmie Lee 8-A  
Jarvis, Neldon Lynn 13-A  
Jarvis, Tom 6-C  
Jeter, Charles O 3.1-B  
Johnson, James 8-C  
Johnson, James Miller Sr 7-A  
Johnson, Leslie E 2-C  
Johnson, William Carmon 6.1-D  
Jones, James 7-B Headstone covered bybush/city map states Jeffrey
Jones, James Byrd 1-C  
Jones, Julius 7-A  
Jones, Kenneth E. Jr 6-B  
Jones, Warren 6-B  
Jones, Wesley B 6.2-C  
Jordan, Bruce Leland 8-C  
Jordan, Glen C 6-C  
Jordan, Gregory Melvin 8-C  
Jozsa, Johnny Lee 10-D  
Kamanar, Joseph 5.2-C  
Kane, Joseph J 5-A  
Kelley, William A 5.1-A  
Kelly, Lawrence 6.1-D  
Kennedy, Thomas D 5.2-C  
Kern, Alex 1-B  
Keys, Griffin 8-A  
Kidder, Orville 5.2-B  
Kidder, Robert F 10-D  
Kivelowitz, Gary 13-C  
Klenke, Henry 5-B  
Konsler, Charles E 3-B  
Konsler, James Ellis 3-B  
Kreutter, Edward 2-B Mausoleum
Lapin, Ronald 10-E  
Lassiter, Richard Jr 3.1-A  
Lawson, William 6.1-A  
LeBlanc, J.H. 2-E  
Ledden, Robert B 4.1-A  
Leddon, Edgar B 5.1-B  
Lee, Chester J Sr. 6.1-C  
Lee, James L Jr. 5.2-C  
Lee, William E Sr 4-B  
Lewis, George A 6.2-D  
Lewis, George T 4.1-B  
Lewis, George W 4.1-B  
Lichlyter, James 10-B  
Line, Rose Marie 2-B Mausoleum
Lofgren, David 6.1-A 50+ year member of Kiwanis of Clermont/ Veteran
Logan, Robert Lee 8-B  
Logan, Sandy 8-C  
Long, William A 6-D  
Lukasik, Leo 6.1-A  
Luquis, Carlos 13-B  
Luttrell, Maurice 10-B  
Lynn, John 6-B  
MacDonald, James F 5-C  
Mackey, James 2-A Crematorium- Veteran and Kiwanis of Clermont member
Madden, Jesse L 3.1-C  
Maddox, Luther Lee 5.1-C  
Makin, Clarence 4.1-B  
Mallory, Willis 5.1-B  
Marra, Nicholas 6.1-C  
Marshall, Albert D 3.1-A  
Marshall, Walter 3.1-A  
Martinez, Omar 10-D Winter Garden Firefighter
Mason, Burl Clint 5.1-C  
Maysonet, Rafael 13-A Metal temporary nameplate
McClanahan, Herbert B 1-B  
McCown, John Robert 5.1-C  
McCrary, Earl F 4-A  
McDonald, Jeffrey 5.2-D  
McDonnel, John 3.1-B  
McDuffie, William E 6-B  
McDuffie, William E. Jr 6-A  
McGrady, James 5.2-B  
McGriff, Walter 9-B  
McKay, Tump 4.1-C Four white stone headstones East of this section under large pinetrees. Stones face east
McKinney, William N. Jr 8-B  
McKinney, William N. Sr 8-B  
McLean, Gerald J 9-A  
Mclin, Charles I 6.2-D  
McMaster, Howard Thomas 5.2-C  
Mcquire, John F Jr. 3-B  
Mead, James M Sr. 3.1-A  
Messina, Carmen 10-C  
Metz, James George 4.1-A  
Mickler, William J 6-D  
Miller, Travis 13.1-A  
Miranda, Antonio Julio 9-C  
Mitchell, Ann Di Staola 6-D  
Mitchell, John B 6-D  
Montiverdi, Robert A 3-C  
Moore, David H 3.1-C  
Moore, John D 5.2-A  
Moore, Lewis M 9-B  
Morrison, Roy 6.1-B Clermont Volunteer Firefighter
Morse, Roger 3.1-B  
Mosher, Virgil E 5-A  
Munson, K.E. 2-D  
Murphy, James B 5.1-A  
Neavin, Robert Keith Jr 9.1-B  
Newborgh, Arthur W 4.1-A  
Nichols, Thomas 6.1-A  
Nitti, William Burton 4.1-A  
Norton, Leonard E 5.1-D  
Noun, Christ M 9-A  
Nyhuis, Frederik 5.2-B  
Oakley, E. Duane 6.1-C  
Odams, George 3.1-C Old Stone located East of this section
O’Dowd, Patrick Sydney 13-C  
Odum, Jacob T 8-C Metal temporary plate with  name
Odum, Stuart B 8-C  
Odum, Willie Henry 6.2-C  
Offutt, Paul Joseph 13-B  
Olivenbaum, Axel 3-C  
Olivenbaum, Edward 3-C  
Olivenbaum, Glenn 5.2-B  
Orr, Albertus 4-C  
Osborne, Marvin 6.1-C  
Osborne, Shirley P 4-B  
Osorio, Juan 9-B  
O’Toole, William 6-A  
O’Toole, William Spencer Sr 9.1-A  
Pairan, Frank 3.1-B  
Panting, James 7-A  
Papetti, Barbara Jeanne 10-B  
Papetti, Clarence J 10-B  
Parks, James M 9-B  
Passarelli, Virgil J 2-A Columbarium
Patterson, William John 5.2-D  
Peeler, W.M. 5.1-A  
Pendergrass, Cecil 6.1-A  
Perry, Benjamin F 2-C  
Person, Henry 5-C  
Phillips, John W 5.1-A  
Phillips, Samuel T 4-A  
Phipps, Ike C 3.1-A  
Pierce, John E. Jr 4-B  
Plummer, William W 6.2-D  
Poe, William 6.1-D  
Poitier, Lowanna 14-C  
Porter, James 3-C  
Post, Coman J 5.1-A  
Pottorff, Melvin C 6.1-B  
Powers, L.L. 3.1-B  
Poynter, Derow 5.2-C  
Pratt, Donald 13-A  
Predmore, Erven C 5.2-B  
Premdass, Samaroo 10-C  
Price, Douglas Rudolph Sr. 5.2-B  
Quinones, Gabino 14-C  
Quirk, William A 5.1-A  
Ragland, Robert B 6-C  
Rahill, Cecelia Elizabeth 10-D  
Rambo, Drury G 3.1-C  
Rauenzahn, Oliver 5.2-C  
Reaves, James Emmitt 7-C  
Register, Purmanant Avery 6-A  
Reitz, Bernard R 5.2-C  
Renew, Eugene Crawford 9-C  
Rhodes, Henry 7-B  
Richards, Steven 9-A  
Rigdon, Glenn Barry 3.1-A  
Rios, Guillermo Dejesus 9-B  
Robertson, Caroline Mary 5-A  
Robertson, Harold William 5-A  
Robinson, James 7-A  
Robson, Ronald 2-A Columbarium 4- SideA- Space 24
Rocker, John L 10-C  
Roe, Charles Brown 3-B  
Rogers, George B 8-B  
Rolland, Jack Mosher 4.1-B  
Rosenthal, Marvin J 13.1-C  
Royer, Victor Robert 6-C  
Russell, Bob J 6.1-B  
Sanger, Johnie L 1-C  
Santiago, Rafael 10-E  
Sawyer, William 5.1-B  
Schopmeyer, John 4-C  
Schitter, Edward Joseph 4-C  
Schultz, Jesse Junior 5.2-C  
Schuster, Burnell 5.1-C  
Seaver, Judd 2-B Wall Mausoleum


Seaver, Charles Robert 6-D  
Seaver, Max Leonard 5-B  
Seaver, Robert Oakley 6-D  
Seyer, David R 6.2-A  
Shaffer, Roy 3.1-C  
Shaffer, Ruth 3.1-C  
Shaw, Manning F 5.1-A  
Sheldon, Albia 3-A Clermont Fire Chief
Shepard, Gerald 4-A Clermont Volunteer


Shepherd, James 6.1-D  
Silva, Gregory Jr 5-A  
Skipper, Brett Lee 4.1-B  
Skipper, Hubert P Sr. 4.1-B  
Slevin, John 5.1-A  
Smith, Daniel G 1-B  
Smith, Donald G 6.1-C  
Smith, Fay Charles 5.2-C  
Smythe, Robert Eugene 6.2-C Clermont Fire Chief
Sowders, Laverne 9-A  
Sparks, Annabel 2-A Crematorium Internment Block 15-2, Lot E Space S
Staley, Lester 8-A  
Stalnaker, Harry Lee 6-D  
Stalnaker, John Berry 6-A  
Stalnaker, Sam F 3-C  
Starling, Eddie 6.2-C  
Staten, Lonnie Sr 8-B  
Stewart, Allen Keith 5.2-B  
Stewart, Howard 5-B  
Stewart, Lonnie B 5.2-A  
Stewart, William L 5.2-B  
Stinson, William 6.1-D  
Stinson, William Alfred 2-D  
Stoddard, Thomas 3.1-C  
Stokes, Sammy 8-C  
Stosberg-Twigg, Janet Mausoleum  
Stosberg, Jennie Mausoleum  
Stosberg, Ray Mausoleum  
Stosberg, William Mausoleum  
Stutler, Richard D 6.1-D  
Sullins, Christopher 5-B Clermont Police Chief
Swanson, Herbert 5.2-B  
Swearingin, Roger 6.2-A  
Sweet, James Hoke 4-B  
Tautiva, Isidro Maura 10-A  
Taylor, Charles C 5-C  
Taylor, Charles Chilton 4-A  
Teal, Clarence 6.2-C  
Terrell, John P 1-C  
Thiell, Norman 10-C  
Thigpenn, Arlin 5-B  
Tidd, Francis Lasher “Frank” 5.1-A  
Tilson, William 5.2-B  
Todd, Raymond Victor 6.1-B  
Tryon, J. Kingsley 3.1-A  
Turville, Harold S 5.1-D  
Tyndal, Prentice 6.1-B Veteran/ ClermontPolice Chief
Underwood, James D Sr. 2-B Mausoleum
Vinson, Arthur T 3.1-C  
Vinson, Michael G 3.1-C  
Vinson, William Oliver 3.1-B  
Viti, Garibaldi 1-A  
Un-named Concrete 7-A Above-ground vault lid-concrete
Wade, Robert Sr 6.1-B  
Walp, John Hampton Jr 6-D  
Waltrip, Madison 4.1-C  
Warren, E. Eugene 3.1-A  
Warren, Joe 14.1-A  
Warren, W.A. Gus 4-A  
Watson, Bill Russell 10-E  
Watson, James H 10-C  
Waxler, James K 10-E  
Weaver, Herman 5-C  
Weaver, Thomas Dewitt 5.2-A  
Webb, Harry Carl 5.2-A  
Wegner, Karl Jr. 5  
Welborn, James 6-C  
Werner, Alebert August 5.2-B  
West, Earl 4.1-B  
West, Lorenzo 2-C  
Westberg, John 6-B  
Westbrook, Albert T 2-C  
Westbrook, Daniel J 5.1-C  
Wiggins, Mitchell 5.2-A  
Willard, Richard H 2-C  
Williams, George Lamar 3.1-C  
Williams, James 6.2-D  
Williams, Richard B 8-B  
Willis, Benjamin 7-A  
Willis, Louis Robert 2-A Crematorium InternmentBlock 14-2 Lot L Space S
Wilson, Lee Erick 6.1-C  
Wilson, Marvin E 10-E  
Winston, George P Jr. 2-D  
Winston, George P (Sgt) 2-D  
Winston, Paul G Jr. (Lt) 2-D  
Winters, Carl 6.1-A  
Wolf, Francis X 5.2-C  
Wolfe, Lawson L 4.1-B  
Wood, V.E. 4.1A  
Worstell, John W 5.1-A  
Wright, Charlie 8-A  
Wright, Chester 4.1-A Older white stone near the road, East of Clifton Donald Hildreth. Faces East
Wright, David Jr 8-B  
Wright, David Sr 8-B  
Wright, Julius 8-A  
Wright, Martin Sr 8-A  
Wright, William L 8-A  
Wrightam, Donald D 5.1-A  
Wrightam, Roy Dale “Buck” 5-C Lake County Deputy
Yarbrough, Billy Joe 9.1-A  
Zeigler, Glenn 5-B  
Zelazo, Alfred 4-B  

The Kiwanis Club of Clermont meets at Green Valley Country Club 14601 Green Valley Blvd., Clermont, on the first, second, fourth and fifth Tuesday at 11:30 am, and the Third Tuesday at 6 pm.

Guest speakers are invited to the weekly meetings to share information about organizations, happenings, events, and interesting topics. Newcomers and visitors are welcome to join the meetings. To learn more, visit:

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