An Axe Throwing venue may be coming to the Village

At a recent council meeting, Darren Johnson, representing Victory Coast Land Co. LLC,  presented a proposal to the Clermont City Council requesting approval for indoor recreational use at property located at 524 West Ave.  The building was used as a country market.  The proposed changes aim to clarify the permitted uses for the site, which currently falls under a Planned Unit Development (PUD) designation.

The property, situated in the heart of Clermont’s Central Business District, is earmarked for future Downtown Mixed Use. The project encompasses a diverse range of facilities, including a 25-unit, 3-story apartment building, a 3,600 square-foot building known as the “Market,” and approximately 6,500 square feet of open plaza space designed for food trailers, a eating area, and other open-air activities.

One of the key transformations outlined in the proposal is the conversion of the Market building into an axe-throwing virtual range house. This innovative recreational facility would aim to offer a unique entertainment option for residents and visitors alike.

Victory Coast Land Co. LLC’s request is expected to streamline the development process by clearly defining the permissible uses for the property, ensuring that future developments align with the city’s vision for the area.

The revamped Market and accompanying plaza enhancements will contribute to the vibrancy and appeal of Clermont’s downtown area, providing new recreational and social opportunities for the community.

If all goes according to plan, the Market will be transformed into  Ax-Caliber, an ax-throwing virtual indoor range.  More information to come soon..
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