Beta Theta Member Kassie Murry, Sunny the Therapy Dog, Read To Sydney Founder Thom Battisto and Beta Theta President Toni Bell

Since its inception in 2011, Read to Sydney has made a significant impact on the community. Thanks to the generous support of donors, such as Beta Theta-ESA, the organization’s outreach continues to grow each year.  

When a child learns to read, regardless of their physical or mental limitations, their world no longer has boundaries. Reading can transport a person to places they might only dream of visiting or provide adventures they can only imagine. This transformative power of reading is the driving force behind Read to Sydney, a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to making reading fun and accessible for all children, with or without disabilities.

A therapy dog offers a judgment-free zone filled with patience and quiet acceptance. The benefits of reading to therapy dogs extend far beyond literacy; they elevate a child’s self-esteem, provide comfort, reinforce learning, motivate speech, and teach positive and appropriate social behaviors. For autistic children and those with learning disabilities, the interaction with a trained and accredited therapy dog opens new doors to learning.

To learn more visit, READ TO SYDNEY

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