On Saturday, June 1, the New Beginnings of Central Florida held a volunteer appreciation breakfast at Living Hope Church, bringing together a remarkable group of individuals who tirelessly contribute to the mission of New Beginnings. The event celebrated these incredible volunteers, whose dedication and service form the backbone of the organization’s vision to empower lives through a hand up, not a handout.

The breakfast began with Jenny Hightower warmly welcoming the guests and giving opening remarks that set the tone for the morning. Her words highlighted the essential role volunteers play in transforming the community by providing mentorship, instruction, servitude, and unwavering support.

Guest speaker Amy Thomas delivered an inspiring speech, emphasizing the profound impact volunteers have in addressing the evolving needs of sustainable housing and fostering empowerment and transformation within the community. She lauded their commitment to making a lasting difference and the positive changes that ripple out from their efforts.

Linda and Steve Smith, Founders of New Beginnings, presented awards to honor the exceptional contributions of several volunteers. These awards were a testament to the hard work and dedication that these individuals bring to New Beginnings, underscoring their pivotal role in the organization’s success.

The morning was a  celebration of community and service, recognizing that the efforts of New Beginnings’ volunteers are not just acts of charity but crucial steps toward creating a sustainable and empowered community. Their contributions are the foundation upon which the vision of New Beginning of Central Florida is built, and their work continues to inspire and transform lives daily.

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