Clermont Police Department is taking its commitment to ensure safety and security to the sky as drones will soon take flight. Whether searching for a lost child or endangered adult, assessing damage after a storm or locating a suspect on the run, drones provide valuable aerial intelligence to officers on the ground and can monitor dangerous situations from a safe distance.

Under the direction of Capt. Shane Strickland, the new program features two drones that will be operated by four officers who are trained and licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly these small but mighty aircraft. Weighing not quite five pounds, each drone has a camera, can reach 45 mph, and is only limited by FAA regulations on how high it can fly.

The drones will be assigned to the patrol division and can be airborne within minutes of a request. Strickland emphasized drone deployment will be conducted with the utmost consideration of privacy rights and in strict accordance with Clermont Police Department policies and state and federal regulations. He is excited his team will be able to leverage what is considered cutting-edge technology to better serve and protect the Clermont community.

Many law enforcement agencies utilize drones to provide an additional layer of situational awareness. Clermont City Council recently approved the purchase of the drones and necessary accouterments.


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