The Clermont Police Department presented a check in the amount of $13.300 to the law enforcement charities that benefited from Honoring the Fallen 5k.

Clermont Police Department (Photos taken by Toni Bell)

Clermont Police Chief Charles Broadway and his staff honored their 2023 recipients for their service! Recognizing and appreciating the efforts of those who serve the community is important.



Below is a brief summary as to why each recipient was recognized for his/her community service:  


Corporal Latimer has stepped up to the plate and assisted with his shift covering the supervisor position.  He assisted multiple times with Squad and staffing shortages.  Corporal Latimer also constantly assists with the training of new officers and developing and growing other officers who can learn from his experience.  His willingness to constantly help is exemplary and his work ethic is above most others!

Corporal Latimer is a great asset to the community and the Clermont Police Department.  He truly holds the best interest of the community and his coworkers at heart.  When thinking of our core value of Service above Self, you could easily use Corporal Latimer to describe what that means.  Someone who puts aside things for his best interest and does something that may be inconvenient for him but better for others.

Corporal Latimer has also regularly been called upon to be the supervisor for extended periods throughout the year.  Each time he has done this, he performs exceptionally well and no issues have arisen.

In addition to his supervisor duties, he volunteers his time as an explorer advisor and acts as a trusted resource of the next generation of possible officers at the Clermont Police Department.  He has also collaborated with Sergeant Ruiz and Lt Moser to address specific training issues with the members of his squad and developed plans that have shown marked improvement in the employees that have been subject to them.


As the quartermaster for the Clermont Police Department, Debbie embodies the Core Values and the Mission of the Clermont Police Department which makes her deserving of this prestigious honor.

Debbie’s role as a quartermaster is crucial to the seamless operation of our department, and she performs her duties with unparalleled care and commitment. Her efforts extend far beyond the responsibilities of her position; she is truly the heart of our agency. Her dedication is evident in the countless times she has stayed late to ensure tasks are completed, the numerous occasions she has assisted in the Records Department, and her willingness to adjust her schedule to support her colleagues.

Debbie’s selflessness is one of her most defining characteristics. She never hesitates to lend a helping hand, no matter the task or time of day. Her support goes beyond professional responsibilities; she provides emotional and moral support, fostering a sense of family within the department. Her colleagues often refer to her as a mother figure, highlighting her nurturing nature and the genuine care she extends to everyone.

Debbie’s actions consistently demonstrate a commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to the well-being of her colleagues. She sets a first-class example for all employees, embodying the spirit of teamwork, selflessness, and dedication. Her contributions have had a profound and positive impact on our department, making her an indispensable part of our team.


Cpl. Pollen identified potential deficiencies in services for mental health care within existing programs, particularly with training, follow-up care and getting individuals necessary treatment who come into contact with law enforcement.  He advocated for the Clermont Police Department to hire its very own clinician to be assigned to the Mobile Crisis Unit which was approved. As of September 11, 2023, the Clermont Police Department has its very own clinician assigned to Mobile Crisis. This allows us to have more freedom regarding call response and more community engagement when dealing with people in crisis. 

Furthermore, Cpl. Pollen has created a new program called C.O.A.S.T.  (Community Outreach and Support Team) C.O.A.S.T. is a supplemental program to Mobile Crisis and Community Services.  This program creates a partnership between the police department and community partners to provide a range of services to people in need.  Community partners who agree to participate in the program are called COASTers.  Corporal Pollen and our clinician Mary have been working to meet with resources around the county to build our network.  The COASTers provide resources such as food, mental health, medical, elder care, child care, autism, housing, financial guidance, faith, addiction, and education just to name a few.  To stop people from falling through the cracks of the system, an individual or family in need of services is identified and they are paired with the appropriate COASTer.

Through the COAST program and its process, Cpl. Pollen and the clinician, Mary, were made aware of a 73-year-old female, diagnosed with schizophrenia and dementia, who had recently become a widow.  This individual had numerous negative interactions with the community and law enforcement to the point of being arrested for a minor offense.  Cpl. Pollen was able to work with this individual and identify a relative guardian.  He was also able to work on improving living conditions and arranging for medical care. Through the work of COAST and Cpl. Pollen and the clinician, this individual was able to be placed in a facility for care and have her criminal charges dropped.  This program essentially saved the life of this individual, who at the time of initial contact, was anorexic and malnourished, but who now is currently healthy and happy.  


Detective Wray continuously goes above and beyond both internally within the department as well as externally by ensuring she provides exceptional investigative services to the citizens within the community she serves.

Detective Wray investigated Hezekiah Benjamin who allegedly sexually battered a 13-year-old child. The victim was subsequently interviewed at the Children’s Advocacy Center. During this investigation, the victim disclosed details of the sexual abuse she suffered committed by Benjamin.

Due to her thorough investigation, Detective Wray discovered that Benjamin had a history of sexually exploiting children. After several unsuccessful attempts to locate Benjamin, Detective Wray completed an arrest warrant. Benjamin was eventually located and arrested.

This is just one example of the hard work and dedication of Detective Wray.  I had the privilege to supervise Detective Wray for most of 2023. During that time, I witnessed Detective Wray spend countless hours working persons crimes cases as if the victims were members of her own family. It did not matter the amount of cases she was currently assigned, the amount of late nights she had away from her family and friends, Detective Wray refused to stop until dangerous perpetrators were taken off the streets of Clermont.

On March 07, 2023 a complainant came to the lobby of the Clermont Police Department to report allegations that her juvenile daughter had been sexually abused by their biological father.

Detective Wray made contact with the subjects and immediately began to gather information, obtaining a statement from the mother and the victims of the abuse. Through a thorough interview, Detective Wray determined that both of the complainant’s juvenile daughters had been sexually violated by the suspect who was also the biological father to both girls.

It was determined that the incidents occurred in Lake County as well as in Sanford. Detective Wray then coordinated with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and based on the information gathered by Detective Wray, LCSO arrested the suspect and he was charged with: 

  • Sexual Battery Victim over 12 but younger than 18 (Familial)
  • Solicit Victim over 12 but younger than 18 (Familial)
  • Lewd or Lascivious Molestation (Domestic)
  • Show Obscene Material to a Minor (Domestic)
  • Show Obscene Material to a Minor (Domestic)

Detective Wray was instrumental in the facilitation of a satellite Children’s Advocacy Center being housed at the Clermont Police Department. The Child Advocacy Center is primarily utilized for conducting forensic interviews and medical exams for juveniles who are victims of physical abuse and sexual abuse.

A Quote by Lt. France:

“In my nearly 15 years with the Clermont Police Department, I have not observed a single officer or detective have more drive, passion, desire, and compassion for the victims she encounters on the job. Detective Wray does not shut this job off, she will lose sleep until the victims on her cases are safe and the perpetrator is taken off the streets.”


On 08/07/2023 at approximately 1316hrs, Officer Zollweg responded to a medical call at 1100 Hunt Trace Blvd.  The call came in from EMS stating that someone was struggling to breathe or not breathing and they needed law enforcement to respond.

Officer Zollweg was the first officer on scene.  Officer Zollweg performed the Heimlich maneuver which dislodged the food allowing the patient to breathe. The patient was transported to South Lake Hospital in stable condition.


As the supervisor for the school resource officer program Sgt. Oscar “Andy Razo has truly represented the Clermont Police Department. 

During 2023 Sgt. Razo lead a two-week training program designed specifically for the role of an SRO/SRD.  He frequently met with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and other City PD officials to plan lessons and discuss logistics at different training sites.  During the training, Sgt. Razo was a lead instructor on active threat response and FDLE firearms course and lead evaluator for scenario exercises.  The training involved over 50 SRO/SRDs and culminated with two days of scenario-based training.  The training was well received by all and provided an opportunity to integrate different agencies within the county. 

As a training Cadre Member, Sgt. Razo coordinates training facilities, scheduling, logistics, and lesson planning.  He is one of four training cadre members responsible for training SWAT-related tactics for thirty-plus SWAT operators.  Topics include firearms, close-quarters clearing, defensive tactics, team movement, rescue task force, search warrant service, barricade subject resolution, hostage rescue tactics, breaching, rural operations, and dignitary protection.

Sgt. Razo organized and oversaw a “Day with your SRO” at the Clermont Police Department, which involved five students who were treated to a tour, SWAT Demonstration, K-9 Demonstration, Evidence Demonstration, TI Demonstration, and other police-related functions. He is also a member of the Department of Juvenile Justice Circuit #5 Advisory Board, which meets monthly. Sgt. Razoacted as Team Leader on the successful apprehension of Corey Hill for second-degree murder, four counts of attempted murder, burglary, and shooting at a building.

Sgt. Razo has focused on continuously learning and developing best practices to manage training efficiently and effectively. Sgt. Razo is a professional who genuinely cares about delivering excellent quality work.  He continues striving to integrate an understanding of the big-picture strategy, goals, and attention to detail to serve his community. For these reasons and much more, Sgt. Razo has been awarded the Clermont Police Department Supervisor of the Year for 2023.

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