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On January 10 Groveland City Council officially removed George Rosario from office as Mayor of Groveland by a 3-0 vote (see details).  At the next meeting, Vice Mayor Dina Sweatt was sworn in as Mayor.  Her move to Mayor leaves City Council District 3 open.  Mike Radzik, District 2, was voted in as Vice Mayor.

At that meeting, the City Council opened an application period from January 16 to 29 for the District 3 seat.  During that period, Tim Loucks, former City Council member and Mayor, submitted an application and was qualified for District 3.

On February 5 the City Council appointed Mr. Loucks as interim City Council Member for District 3.  The qualifying period for the April 3 special election is March 5-9.  If no other applicants are qualified, the City will forego the April special election saving approximately $10,000 of taxpayer money.  Mr. Loucks would then remain the District 3 City Council Member until the regular election in November.  His qualifications and application can be found on pages 23-26 at:

Mayor and City Council seats 3 and 5 will be up for election in November.  Groveland City Charter amendments are expected on the November ballot as well.

To Recap:  The City Council for the City of Groveland is made up of 5 members. The mayor and council are each elected at large. However, the four council members must reside within the district they represent.

The Groveland Mayor and City Council Members are as follows:

Mike Radzik, Council Member/Vice Mayor  – District 2

Tim Loucks, Council Member – District 3

Dina Sweatt, Mayor – District 1

Mike Smith, Council Member – District 4

John Griffin, Council Member – District 5

The Groveland City Council meets at 7 pm on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at City Hall, 156 S. Lake Ave. Groveland.

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