The Lions Club Gun Range has been graded and never looked better

On the third Saturday of each month SHOTGUN SATURDAY occurs from 8 am to 12 pm. The Lions encourage their patrons to bring a friend or bring the entire family to the range for a great morning of shooting. “Due to the tremendous support of our clients, we are able to keep our range open”, said Lion Nick Jones.

The shooting range is not just for men. The Lions encourage women to learn how to handle a gun and increase their shooting skills. Woman are finding eager assistants and sometimes more.

One of Clermont’s single women recently received a scare when someone attempted to break into her house.  Luckily, she had an excellent security system and amazing police officers responding to the break-in. Clermont Police Officers were on the scene before the robber had time to realize he was going to be arrested.  Nevertheless, our courageous resident decided to purchase some firearms to discourage future burglars.  She never fired a gun so thought she should get some training.  She brought her shiny new guns to the Lion Club’s shooting range.

Her friend (Michelle Delaney) had been trying to do some matchmaking. She had introduced, what she thought could be the perfect pair and was working on their first date but, in the meantime, the Lady went to the gun range. A Lion began teaching her proper gun handling, and that’s when sparks flew.  After a whirlwind courtship, the Lion and the Lady found true love. The Lion said the Lady couldn’t handle a gun, but she has other endearing attributes. The duo will be married in May.

Lion Nick Jones attests that it does not appear to be a shotgun wedding. Michelle and Nick both boast that they are responsible for the union.  As soon as a formal announcement is proclaimed, the SOUTH LAKE TABLET will identify the Lion and the Lady.  CAN YOU GUESS?

The Clermont – Minneola Lions Club has seen continual growth in its prime fundraiser program – operating their shooting range in Groveland on three Saturday mornings each month. 100% of the Club’s proceeds go to a considerable number of charities. Their primary project targets vision impaired (recycling eyeglasses), as well as food for the Neighborhood Center.

The club also collects toys for the TOYS FOR TRUCKS program which provides police officers toys that the police can use to calm small children during an intense domestic call and sell straw brooms made by the blind.  The state of Florida has deemed all public kitchens must have a straw broom as straw absorbs pathogens, whereas, synthetics spread them.

The range has recently been graded and is in great shape. It is directly across from Tractor Supply in Groveland on SR 50, east of Groveland. The range is open on the second, third and fourth Saturday mornings, 8-noon.  Only the third Saturday is reserved for shotguns.  Both target and skeet are offered for $10 per 15 clay “birds.”  The second and fourth Saturdays are reserved for pistol target shooting at $15.00 with patrons supplying their ammunition.  Shotgun shooting patrons are encouraged to bring their shells.

The Club has outgrown their meeting venue at IHOP.  They will now have more space in the Fellowship Hall of St. Matthias Episcopal Church, located in downtown Montrose St., Clermont. Meetings are held 6 pm on the second Thursdays of each month.

The South Lake Community congratulates The Clermont-Minneola Lions Club on its 69 years of service to the community. The Lions Club is the oldest and largest civic organization in the world.

Longtime patron and expert marksman, Tom Fagen is shown offering newcomer Sharon Barnett and son Christopher Barnette proper use of the shotgun

 Note:   The Club needs a heavy steel shipping container for range equipment. If you can help, contact Club President, Dan Strauss 717 278-7437 or email:

For information on the Clermont-Minneola Lions Club, visit

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