Groveland Mayor Dina Sweatt was overcome with emotion while attempting to announce to those attending a recent city council meeting that a special plaque would be unveiled at the Groveland Veterans Garden in recognition of Vietnam Veterans. A teary-eyed Mayor explained that the dedication means a lot to her and apologized for not being able to complete the announcement.

Councilman Mike Radzik, read the announcement:

“Many, many years have passed since the Vietnam War, a war that took so many of our loved ones, and when those who survived returned home, they were treated with disrespect.  To show our respect for those who served in the Vietnam War, the City of Groveland the Mayor, along with Paula Hall and Evelyn Wilson will be unveiling a special plaque dedicated to Vietnam Veterans this coming National Vietnam Day.

“We would be deeply honored if you, your family and your organizations could attend this special unveiling.  This has been a long time coming, and the Mayor is excited to have this finally happen.  Veterans hold a special place in the Mayor’s heart and she sincerely hopes everyone can attend to witness the unveiling.”

The unveiling will take place at 11 am on Thursday, March 29, at the E. L. Puryear Building, 243 South Lake Avenue, Groveland.

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