Lake County Commissioners recently voted unanimously to dissolve the Lake Emergency Medical Services (Lake EMS) and transition it into the county organization. The commissioners believe the transition will improve response times and increase overall service while saving $500,000 in the first year.

Lake County has assured its residents that

    • No Lake EMS service cuts have occurred in South Lake County, rather, Lake EMS added a 13-hour ambulance in the City of Clermont in 2016. In addition, no Lake EMS service cuts are proposed anywhere in Lake County.
    • The County is not combining the money from this tax to be combined with their funds to operate the County Fire Department and Lake County EMS. Both entities will be funded by the same revenue sources that currently fund them.
    • Transitioning Lake EMS into the County organization will enhance service, not degrade it.

The transition is expected to be completed by February 2019.

Clermont City Councilman Ray Goodgame

Clermont City Councilman Ray Goodgame wants Clermont residents to fully understand how the transition of Lake EMS to a county organization may affect service to the residents of Clermont.

He is concerned that ambulance service currently being provided to certain areas in the city by Lake County Emergency Medical Services, doesn’t live up to expectations and wants the Clermont citizens to weigh the feasibility of creating its own ambulance service. He proudly declares that the City of Clermont has a top-notch fire department with highly-trained first responders fully capable of providing emergency care and emergency transportation to its citizens.

The Kings Ridge Master Board Association has some of the same concerns as Councilman Goodgame and would like those issues addressed, specifically:

Lake County EMS has relocated the ambulance, which was stationed at Clermont Fire Station #2 on Hartwood Marsh Road to the County’s Fire Station on South Lake Shore Drive. This has altered and negatively impacted response time to emergency calls in Kings Ridge and surrounding areas.   

The Kings Ridge Master Board Association is encouraging all interested citizens to attend a Town Hall meeting on April 9th from 1 pm – 3 pm at the Clermont Performing Arts Center.

Attendees will include

Lake County representatives:

  • Leslie Campione, Vice Chair, Lake County BCC
  • Sean Parks, Lake County BCC
  • Wendy Breeden, Lake County BCC
  • Josh Blake, Lake County BCC
  • Jeff Cole, Lake County Manager
  • John Molenda, Lake Count Director of Public Safety and Assistant County Manager
  • Jerry Smith, EMS Director

City of Clermont representatives:

  • Darren Gray, City Manager
  • Carle Bishop, Chief, Clermont Fire Department
  • Invited are City Council Members and Mayor

Kings Ridge representatives:

  • Dorothy Schneider, President of the Board of the Kings Ridge Master Association
  • Choice Edwards, Vice President of the Board of the Kings Ridge Master Association

On Wednesday, April 11, a city council workshop will be held regarding EMS Service at 6:30 pm in the Council Chambers at Clermont City Hall.


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