Michelle Delaney, Owner/Editor

I am revealing today that I am a political flip-flopper. At different times in my life, I have been a registered Democrat, Independent, or Republican.  I have always voted but never voted a straight party ticket. Guess you may say, I vote for people not politics.

There are very qualified, dedicated people ready to serve but unwilling or can’t raise the money needed to run a competitive campaign. They may have a BIG following but not the BIG bucks. Money is Power.

How can a voter make the right choices with all the Fake News, Alternative Facts and lobbyist dollars blurring their perspective?

Each person has different personal, social and business experiences that influence their lives and the way they vote.

Before you vote, do some Fact Finding, Read between the lines, and Vote Your Conscience, Not your Party.

Please VOTE and the World Will Be A Better Place.



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