Rory Rhodes - Monteverde Academy

The third-grade students participated in the Bonnie Farm Cabbage Growing Contest. This national program began last semester and continued through the second semester as the cabbages grew. During the growing season, students compared the cabbages they are growing at home, to the ones in the garden. The varying sizes that are in the garden allow them to see that the cabbages grow at many different rates.

“The reason that I have the students participate in this contest is that it fosters an interest in gardening and promotes healthier eating,” said Mrs. Pat Kroll-Whiffen, Montverde Academy Lower School science teacher. “It exposes the students to a hands-on experience of the plant life cycle, observing nature and the responsibility for the plants as they care for their cabbage and track its progress. The students also participate and observe the variety of plants in the school garden to compare and contrast the growth of various plants to the cabbage growing experience.”

Rory Rhodes, daughter of Richard and Stacey Rhodes of Clermont was the winner in the Third Grade Bonnie Farms Cabbage Growing Contest. Rory competed against all of the students in third grade and grew a nine and a half pound cabbage to win the school competition. She is now entered in the state competition that offers a grand prize of a $1,000 college scholarship.

“I grew my cabbage in a bed outside by our pool,” said Rory. “It was so much fun to watch it grow. The cabbage was so tiny when I first got it, I didn’t think it would ever get that big! I enjoyed growing my cabbage and was so happy to win.”