October Library Plant: Clermont Garden Club member, Teresa Alvarez, (shown with Cooper Librarian Amy Hand) has brought a “Chlorophytum comosum” also known as spider plant, to display at the library this October. This plant is very easy to grow and looks especially nice in a hanging basket.  

Everything you wanted to know about Flower Shows: Interested in finding out about Flower Shows? Then you are  invited to attend the next general meeting at the Clermont Garden Club.  On Wednesday, October 16, at 10:00 am, the program will feature members Arlene Rand, Alice Barrows, and Pat Richardson speaking about the upcoming (January 2020) “Mardi Gras” themed flower show.  This event will be held in the Garden Club building located at 849 West Avenue near downtown Clermont.  For more information about programs, clubhouse rental or membership, please go to: www.ClermontGardenClub.com.